Peter Lord – ‘The Itinerant Life: Painters, Preachers, Poets’ CANCELLED

In a series of five talks, Peter Lord will discuss aspects of Welsh painting in the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries. The talks are based on a sequence of essays to be published by Parthian Books in the summer of 2020, called Looking Out: Welsh painting, social class and international context. The subjects range from the work of itinerant portrait painters, through Augustus John and his contemporaries who worked under the high art patronage of Lord Howard de Walden, to the development of Realism in Welsh art. Peter will discuss the work both in terms of Welsh social history and of the wider history of art in Europe and the United States.

Talk Series: ‘Looking Out: Welsh Painting, Social Class and International Context’
1. Sunday 22 March. ‘The Itinerant Life: Painters, Preachers, Poets’
2. Sunday 19 April. ‘Great Expectations: The Eyes of the World on Edgar Herbert Thomas’
3. Sunday 24 May. ‘Medieval Fantasies and Modern Artists: Lord Howard De Walden’
4. Sunday 21 June. ‘M.E. Eldridge and Henry Williamson: The Star-Born and the Dance of Life’
5. Sunday 19 July. ‘Poverty, Piety and Politics: Conflicting Realities in a Century of Welsh Painting’

Image: Williams Roos – ‘Richard Robert Jones, Dic Aberdaron’, c.1845

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