‘Crossing the Sands’ – Maps in the Library

Sunday, 8 September to Sunday, 20 October

This exhibition will be opened with a talk by Mike Parker, author of Map Addict, Mapping The Roads, On the Red Hill and more.

The Traeth Mawr and Traeth Bach estuaries, either side of Plas Brondanw, were major topographical features on the earliest of maps, and major travel obstacles.  Although the Ogilby strip map of 1675 shows a path across the ‘Sands’ the shrewd knew that the wise course was to use ferries or guides. The memory of the splendour of the lost three mile estuary of the Traeth Mawr – on the shores of which Plas Brondanw would have stood for almost 250 years – still hangs over the area, and the older maps in this small exhibition remind us of the change that Madocks brought about in 1811 with the building of the Cob.

All seats have been reserved by now.
Note that Mike Parker’s talk will commence at 1.30pm and not 2.00pm, our usual time.​
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