Hywel Livingstone – ‘Stainless Sculpture’

Sunday 13 June to Sunday 25 July. Dates to be confirmed.

Hywel will exhibit stainless steel sculptures created by him over the past five years as well as brand-new works created especially for Oriel Brondanw. The sculptures bring together key themes that have been stirring since the beginning of Hywel’s career on the west coast of Wales, and have developed over his time living and working in London and now Gloucestershire. His inspiration is inextricably bound up with the land, sea and wild skies of his upbringing – ‘Mur fy Mebyd’ to quote the poet Waldo Williams. Perhaps this fact is not obvious when viewing his work for the first time, but for Hywel the contrast between magic and the tangible beauty of Wales is pure sculpture.

for more information:
01766 770 590