Artist in Residence: Annie Morgan Suganami

Working in the old bedroom

Monday, 21 May to Sunday, 1 July 2018

Annie will mostly be working with materials that over the years she has wanted to explore further, but painting somehow prevented her from doing so. These weeks at Oriel Brondanw will allow her to focus less on her oil paints and figurative work and let her to concentrate on 3D pieces and drawing. Her aim is to focus on experimentation, improvisation and play, which will include air-drying clay, twigs, branches and paper.

This residency, later this year, will form part of Annie Morgan Suganami’s exhibition at Oriel Brondanw entitled ‘Borrowed Light’.

Annie will endeavour to be available to viewers during her residency so that her work may be discussed, but that cannot be guaranteed regularly. Should you want to talk to her specifically we recommend setting up an appointment by contacting or 01766 770590